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Sixth Great Lakes Marine Services has been involved in the marine industry on the waters of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron since being established in 1992. Our home port is Harbour West Marina in Penetanguishe at 319 Champlain Rd

Since our inception we have developed a great working relationship with marinas, marine contractors, tug operators, barge operators as well as private boat owners and insurance companies throughout Georgian Bay, Lake Huron, and the North Channel. 

We are recognized as professional, efficient, timely, and successful service for many different and difficult types of maritime situations by, The O.P.P Marine Unit, Thunder Bay Coast Guard Radio, Prescott Coast Guard Radio, R.C.C. Trenton, Parry Sound/Sarnia Coast Guard, as well as Boat U.S .

Our Vessels, Canadian Salvage, Canadian Effort, Mink Isle and Lucy Lynn monitor Channel 16 from ice out until ice in 24/7.

What We Do

Marine Salvage and Towing

We take on jobs others may not attempt, we have assisted many vessels in peril in all hours of the night with high winds, even gale force. (not all breakdowns are on calm sunny days)

We assist in Search and Rescue of persons/vessels/aircraft

Various Marine construction jobs.

We have on hand over 1000' of oil boom and approximately 2000 oil absorbent pads. We hope to never have to use this oil boom and pads, however they are available if needed.

All our vessels comply with Canadian Coast Guard collision regulations and have been inspected.

Our Rates

Towing, "on demand" pleasure craft towing are based on a per hour basis and fluctuate with the situation, fuel prices etc. Rates are charged from the time the vessel leaves our dock until the return. 

All other rates for Towing, Barge Work, Salvage, Ice Breaking, Fuel Drops etc are to be determined based on specific project.  Thank you. 

Our Marine Fleet

'Canadian Salvage'

1971 Grew Registered work boat outfitted with an over-sized fuel tank, tow-pin installed mid-ship powered with a 454 Mercury Marine engine pushing a Bravo One Drive. There is 600' of tow line on board up to date electronics, salvage gear and 2 salvage water  pumps.

'Canadian Effort'

32' registered steel workboat, this vessel is powered with a 240H.P Turbo charged Perkins with a Bravo 2 outdrive. Canadian Effort carries 1200' feet of towline and is also equipped with a 3 salvage pumps and various salvage gear.

'Lucy Lynn'

45' ex fishing tug, this vessel has been outfitted for general salvage, towing, and barge work. Lucy Lynn is used often in the spring to break ice around docks at local marinas.

'Mink Isle'

50' 1947 Russel Brothers Ltd Tug Boat registered. This vessel is prepared and equipped to solve any problems large craft may encounter. The Mink Isle also has fire fighting capabilities on the water.

'50' Floating Gantry Crane'

This piece of equipment is constructed of 2 steel pipes 50' long by 6' diameter with travel lift connecting them parallel. This crane has 4-10ton chain falls, one on each corner. It has the capability to lift any vessel up to a 20' beam, as it is open at both ends, length is not an issue. This floating Gantry Crane is capable of traveling with badly damaged vessel "anywhere" on the Great Lakes.

Industry Terms and Definitions


Towing is the employment of one vessel to expedite the voyage of another, when nothing more is required than the acceleration of her progress.


Saving property in peril at sea and reducing environmental damage.

Diving Policy

We will supply diving services, however all diving will be done exactly to Ministry of Labour "dive regulations" There is no exception to this policy.

Insurance Recommendations for Pleasure Craft

It is extremely important that you have sufficient and proper insurance for your vessel. The cost of our service will "most likely" be covered by your hull insurance policy. If your vessel is not properly insured the owner is responsible for all charges.

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